OUR mission

Unique Eugene promotes locally owned businesses in order to enhance the unique character, social health and economic prosperity of our community.

our WORK

  • We are building a strong collective brand to signal a locally-owned independent business.  Look for Spokes-e and the Unique Eugene name where you shop, dine, and play and be assured that you are supporting your community when you shop at these businesses.
  • We promote the powerful positive impact of local independent businesses within our community .
  • We raise consumers awareness about the importance of independent businesses and persuade people to shop locally.
  • We create a powerful voice for local independent businesses.
  • We give back to our community. 
  • We work here, play here, call Eugene home. We enthusiastically support the vibrant, independent community that we love.

Eugene Independent Business Alliance Board Members

Bill Bezuk, The Eugene Backyard Farmer - President
Dwight Collins, Newman's Fish Company - Treasurer
Virginia Xing
, Paul's Bicycle Way of Life - Member
Jim Robertson
, Prince Pucklers - Member
Neva Becker, Rainbow Optics - Member
Gavin McComas
, Sundance Natural Foods - Member
Susan Costa
, Mosaic Fair Trade Collection - Secretary

Eugene Independent Business Alliance

c/o The Eugene Backyard Farmer
501 Washington St., Eugene, OR 97401
web:  www.uniqueeugene.com
email:  info@uniqueeugene.com
phone: 541-653-6528

Eugene Independent Business Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization doing business as Unique Eugene.

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